Google Drive coming in April?

Cloud storage at the big G’s house is finally becoming a reality, but just how tight on space is it going to be?

Google Drive, the cloud storage drop-box, has been rolling down the virtual tracks for quite some time. Now that word from Gigom suggests it’ll be arriving in April we can’t help feel disappointed it’ll only come baring 1GB of free space.

Dropbox, the famous name for cloud storage, offers 2GB free with more added as people you share with sign-up. Apple is offering 5GB in iCloud form. While Windows Live SkyDrive offers you a whopping 25GB of free storage.

The 1GB Google Drive, or GDrive, now sounds underwhelming. But with easy use from your account and expected access for third party apps, this could be the most convenient, if not the largest cloud drive. It’s been a long wait for the company we’d expect to have a cloud drive before everyone, so here’s hoping Google has something special up its sleeve. Cough, auto-syncing, ahem.

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