Google Drive coming to the cloud

The death of hard drives and true power of the Chromebook come in one fell swoop

Google is planning on unveiling its own cloud storage drive, imaginatively called Google Drive. Yes, it’s true, Google already gives you 1GB for Google Docs, Gmail and Picasa Web Albums – but Google Drive will mean you can store anything in a much larger space.

The Wall Street Journal claims that the service will launch in the next few weeks or months. Although the exact launch date has yet to be revealed, pricings for Google Drive start at 20GB for US$5 per year, with the upper limit reaching a whopping 16TB for a painful US$4,096 per year.

This high capacity option at silly-money pricing suggests Google is pushing for not only personal but large business investment in its Google Drive. Here’s hoping it breaths new life into the Chromebook as hard drives begin to become obsolete.

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