Google Doodle Moog synth is the ultimate time sink

Google p(l)ays tribute to synth pioneer Robert Moog with interactive Moogle Doodle

Offices across the country are ringing to the retro sounds of the Moog synth, as would-be prog rockers tinker with the latest Google Doodle.

Marking the birthday of synth pioneer Robert Moog – he would have been 78 today – the Doodle features a working keyboard, plus pitch, mixer, oscillator, filter and envelope controls. You can even record your prog noodlings and post them to Google+.

Moog – who died in 2005, aged 71 – developed the Moog synthesiser in 1964. Following a demonstration at the Monterey International Pop Festival in 1967, it shot to fame. Initially it was emblematic of psychedelic and prog rock, but Moogs have been used by musicians across a wide variety of genres over the years – everyone from the Bee Gees to Daft Punk to Marilyn Manson has slapped some synth on their recordings.

Pop over to Google and have a play – and if you come up with something that doesn't sound like a cat walking across a keyboard, be sure to let us know.

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