Google Docs ups free storage to 5GB

Dropbox puts on its shaking boots as Google rolls out the free storage guns. Apple wonders what took so long

In an aggressive move that could cause Dropbox to check its underwear Google has boosted free storage on Google Docs to 5GB, up 3GB on its previous limit – and on Dropbox’s current free offering.

Unless you want to keep everything in the cloud, you’re probably pretty happy with the free 2GB of storage you get thrown when you register with Dropbox – the current darling of free cloud lockers. But with storage, more is always better, and presumably in anticipation of rolling out Google Drive, Google’s 5GB offering looks mighty tempting.

Of course, we’re not expecting Google’s cloud storage solution to be nearly as easy to use as Dropbox – not yet anyway – so we’re hoping the news will twist Dropbox’s arm into offering up a similar free storage upgrade.

Apple’s been offering 5GB of free storage with iCloud for a while now, though the iPad, iPhone and Mac maker’s cloud store is expectedly more restrictive than either Dropbox or Google’s freebies. And Apple may have to rethink it’s “free gets you a lot” sell on iCloud’s 5GB free storage. It’s starting to look more like the going rate around here.

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