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Google do Chrome TV ad

Not content with owning the internet, Google has dipped its primary-coloured toe into mainstream media by launching its very first TV ad.Having previ

Having previously eschewed any form of traditional advertising campaign, Google has released an ad for Chrome on US TV networks.

More after the vid…

It’s amazing that a web browser should be advertised on mainsteam US TV, but it seems that Google needs more than their much-vaunted “word of mouth” model it’s relied on so far.

Chrome has failed to make a major impact in the browser market so far, having won over approximately 1.4% of web users, while big boy IE has 66%, Firefox 22% and Safari 8%

The clip was originally made for YouTube but has been such a hit that it was decided to take it to TV. But it’s not exactly clear what’s being advertised, perhaps an issue when it’s something as abstract as a web browser.

I think it’s quite neat. I also think it suggests that Google are beginning to wake up and smell the recession – it can no longer rest on its laurels while marketplaces heat up with compeitition.

What do you think? Are you one of the 1.4% to use Chrome? Have your say below…

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