Google+ content added to Google search

Search engine expands to include results from content shared with friends on Google+


Google can now search within Google+ content to find related material shared by your friends and contacts.

You can toggle the visibility of personal results with a button at the top of the search results. With the feature on, a Google search will return posts, photos and links from Google+, as well as related profiles and pages. Prominent people in your area of search will also be suggested for you to add to your circles.

So if your dog is named after a fruit, Amit Singhal suggests on the Google Blog, you'll get information about fruity watermelons from Wikipedia as well as photos and posts about your furry watermelon from Google+.

Of course, you'll only get the personalised results when you're signed into Google, so it's not an open door for snoopers, although it does pave the way for some slip-ups. But all that really personal stuff is in the safe hands of Facebook, isn't it?

Check out the video below for Google's own-brand explanation:



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