Google confirms specs, prices and dates for Chromebooks from Acer and Samsung

First of the Chromebooks get their official on at Google’s I/O event

The first two commercially-available laptops to run Chrome OS (or Chromebooks as we’re now officially allowed to call them) have been detailed by Google in San Francisco. We say detailed when in fact details are scant – Samsung’s has a 12.1in screen. Acer’s has an 11.6-incher. Both have Wi-Fi and 3G options (well, duh) and they’re arriving on June 15 in the UK, Spain, France, the US, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy. US pricing is US$430 for the Sammy (US$500 with 3G) and from US$400 for the Acer. Watch Best Buy and Amazon for local prices.

Google also announced that the Chromebooks will be totally hackable, saying they embrace jailbreaking. And it also announced offline support for the Google app suite will arrive this summer.


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