Google Cloud coming this week?

It’s looking likely that the much murmured cloud service from the big G could be revealed at its I/O event this Wednesday

Google Cloud – a service aimed to compete with Amazon’s EC2 – may be revealed this Wednesday at Google’s I/O developer conference.

The big G has been working on extending its cloud offerings for some time now with the expansion of Google Docs and the unveiling of the Google Drive. Now word from many sources inside Google towers, according to GigaOM, is pointing towards the big reveal in just a few days time.

The service will not only compete with Amazon’s effort but is also aimed at what Microsoft will soon, apparently, have on offer. Google has focused on making it easier to write, deploy, and manage apps on its service so as to retain its developer community that could make or break the incoming cloud service. And with the recent unveiling of Sony’s Internet Player with Google TV it seems a likely time for Google to start reaching for the heavens.

[Via GigaOM]

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