Google clears its name after being accused of killing a donkey in Botswana

Now there's a headline we bet you thought you'd never be reading. Click on through and all will be revealed

Google has recently been accused of killing a Donkey in Botswana in a hit-and-run Street View car incident after photos of the seemingly deceased creature were spotted online.

The accusations were strongly denied by the search giant, who stated that the donkey was merely laying in the road "perhaps enjoying a dust bath" when the Street View car decided to roll on past and disturb its nap.

Thankfully the story checks out, as more photos show the donkey getting to its feet and graciously letting the Street View car go about its merry business.

Wherever Donkimus Prime (a name in progress) may be, we thank him or her for making us chuckle on an icy Thursday morning and hope that its naps go undisturbed for years to come.

[Google via TechRadar]

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