Google Chrome OS Cr-48 unboxed

We’ve just got our hands on Google’s pilot programme Chrome OS laptop, the Cr-48

Most hipster laptop box ever? We think so.

And here it is – the stealthy matt black cloud-surfing laptop you’ve been waiting for. If Gotham chic isn’t your thing, the Big G’s thrown in a few colourful decals to pimp it up a bit.

This is the only concession to branding on the laptop, a solitary sticker with the Chrome logo. Talking of stickers…

… some of these keys look a bit wonky. Luckily Google isn’t selling this model. Chrome OS models from Acer and Samsung are expected this summer. And possibly from Sony.

Booting up: instantaneous!

We enlisted the help of the Cr-48’s little sister (Google’s Nexus S) to act as a Wi-Fi hotspot. Even so, Google Calendar loaded faster than it does on our MacBook Pro via Ethernet. Really.

And the world’s best gadget site wasn’t far behind. As for web apps, we’ll be taking a closer look at those in a bit. First impressions: good. We just wish Google would sell it…


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