Google adds nutritional info to search for over 1000 food items

Counting those carbs? Keeping a wary eye on pesky calories? Google has your back

Google has announced a new search feature which lets users find nutritional information for over 1000 types of food.

From calories to carbohydrates and protein to sugar, you can choose which snacks to chomp down on guilt-free. Or shame yourself by looking at just how much damage that delicious slab of cake will do to your insides. Fun stuff.

The new nutrition search supports natural language questions. Simply ask "how much sugar is in a plum" and Google will respond instantly with a list of everything you'd ever want to know about the contents of a plum.

The new feature is rolling out to US users over the next ten days and Google has promised to add more foods, regions and extra functionality over time.

Now if you'll excuse us, we're off to chain-eat sticks of celery while fighting the temptation to guzzle down packs of sweets. Curse those Percy Pigs and their deliciously sinful flavour.

[Google via The Verge]