Go for a spin with GB track cyclist and world champion Chris Hoy

Scottish track cyclist Chris Hoy is part of the GB team for the Beijing Olympics this summer. He has won 19 world or Olympic medals – including

Scottish track cyclist Chris Hoy is part of the GB team for the Beijing Olympics this summer. He has won 19 world or Olympic medals – including ten golds – and is the current world sprint and keirin champion.

I ride the best bikes in the world

Track bikes are very simple – there are no gears and no brakes, but the technology has changed a lot. They're a lot lighter, stiffer and more aerodynamic than they were ten years ago. It's not quite Formula One, but the bike is important and the kit is important.

Personally I only own one bike. The bikes we race on – we have about 30 or 40 of those. I would say they are one of the best bikes in the world. We're certainly not at a disadvantage against any of the other teams.

Everything I do on the track is recorded

We use a Powermeter which sits in the crankset and contains a strain gauge to measure the power. It relays that information to a little box under your saddle.

At the end of each training session you take the box out and download all the information. It shows your power, speed, cadence, heart rate – all that kind of stuff.

The coaches can tell if you've backed off the effort for a single pedal rev. So there's no hiding.

Headphones keep me in the zone

I have a set of Bose noise-cancelling headphones, which are really good for getting you into your own little world. You're right in the thick of it, but to some extent you can switch off and help yourself focus on what you're about to do.

They're one of the best things I've bought for travelling in my whole career. The number of times on a flight when you can get a bit of peace and quiet while there's a baby screaming its head off – it's made a big difference to travel comfort.


I play games to pass the time

I've got a PSP – I play that a fair bit. I've got a playstation at home as well. I tend to play mainly driving games – Gran Turismo or Colin McRae, and also Grand Theft Auto.

But I'd find that I couldn't sleep at night – I'd play it until late and then just couldn't switch off.  So I don't play them as much as I used to, but they're great for passing time, especially on a flight or sitting in airports – you can pass an hour pretty quickly.

I've tried a virtual cycling game at the gym

I've had a very brief go one of them. I can see if you do a lot of that kind of stuff it makes life a bit less dull when you're sitting indoors on a static bike. It's quite a good idea and some of them seem fairly realistic as well.

But it's not something I'd need to do because our efforts are very short – you may be on a turbo [cycling machine] for an hour, but you're doing intervals or sets of efforts, and the time passes pretty quickly.

I'll be blogging at the Olympics

My website [] needs a bit of a looking at right now, but once we get it sorted it'll be updated fairly regularly. So it'll be a good place to follow my progress at the Beijing Olympics.


Chris Hoy wears adidas TECHFIT™. adidas is the official kit supplier to Team GB – for more information go to


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