Gmail for iPhone gets push email

Apple has been a little slow in the uptake of push email, but thankfully a developer has decided to take matters into their own hands and created an a

GPush is the first application to hit the App Store that will allow users of Google's Gmail service to receive instant emails to their phone from their email account.

Previously iPhone users have had to rely on setting up their phones to check for emails frequently and "pull" them down from the email server if they wanted to stay in the loop, but with GPush they'll get them to their phone as soon as they hit their email account.

GPush users can choose to be told of the arrival of an email with a tone and vibration, or alternatively just have the app display an icon with the number of unread messages. You can also choose to receive previews of incoming emails that display the sender's name and subject heading.

Yoni Gontownik, co-founder of the company behind GPush Tiverias Apps, admitted: "With all that is going on with Google, Apple and the FCC, we are pleasantly surprised GPush was accepted into the App store", referring to Apple's rejection of the Google Voice application a few weeks ago.

GPush is available now for just 59p, and will no doubt be a hit with Gmailing iPhoners among you. Several of the Stuff Team have already downloaded it – let us know what you think to it below if you download it.