Gizmondo's cam games

Forget the DS's touchscreen, the Tapwave's organiser and the PSP's sexy hardware - the Gizmondo's getting camera-controlled games!

We'd been wondering when Gizmondo would take advantage of its built-in cam. Along with GPS it is, after all, one of the eccentricities that make the Giz unique. The Gizmondo folks obviously think so too, and are set to show off a cam control game called Agaju: The Sacred Path on 17th May. An insider tells us it's going to be "the ultimate analogue control". They would, of course, but it does sound quite cool.

The camera's also going to be employed for the fantastically Matrix-sounding Augmented Reality. There are no details on this yet, but we reckon it's a safe bet to take it to mean "Eye Toy for a handheld".

Last but not least, the wraps will be taken off four Giz-only games:Supernaturals, Johnny Whatever, Chicane, Hit and Myth, and Sticky Ball. Click here for Gizmondo's site and more info.