Gizmondo sees the wider picture

Big in 2006: Gizmondo WidescreenDue: August£TBAThis here is the Gizmondo Widescreen, the PSP's deadly new nemesis.The Giz's successor will pack in voi

Big in 2006: Gizmondo Widescreen

Due: August


This here is the Gizmondo Widescreen, the PSP's deadly new nemesis.

The Giz's successor will pack in voice-controlled games, a PSP-rivalling 4-inch widescreen, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. On paper, the Gizmondo Widescreen looks like it'll give Sony's black knight a good joust. As before, there's a camera – now bumped to 2MP and equipped with a flash – GPS for in-car sat-nav and a slot for a SIM card.

Thanks to the inclusion of Bluetooth, it's the phone bit that could prove key to the Widescreen's success – paired with a headset the console could make for a bona fide, albeit brick-sized, mobile phone. You'll also be able to connect a pair of stereo Bluetooth headphones for cord-free gaming sessions.

The big hype emanating from Giz HQ is about the new console’s 3D capabilities. At its heart is a new Nvidia graphics card which should put the Gizmondo Widescreen’s games on a visual par with those of the PSP and the DS – provided the company can actually get some quality games developers this time round.

In our learned opinion, the most exciting feature being touted is the ability to download games direct to the device. Tiger Telematics, the Giz’s maker, hasn’t confirmed it officially, but rumours abound that the Widescreen will be able to write games direct to SD cards using a Wi-Fi or SIM-card web connection. Sounds like idle gossip to us, but we live in hope (optimistic fools that we are).

The Gizmondo Widescreen's slated to appear in high streets across the kingdom by spring next year, but we reckon August is more likely.