Gizmondo gets GPS

So, it’s finally happened – Gizmondo’s been given the functionality it’s always craved, thanks to ALK’s optimistic programmers. Will it be enough to make the Giz a viable PSP alternative?

When the finger-on-the-pulse kind of guys that make up the Stuff team first broke the story about Gizmondo back in our March 2004 issue (you remember, when it was the Gametrac), its built-in GPS was talk of the town. But besides the novelty factor of the one current GPS game (Colours), it’s not reared its pretty, well proportioned head since.

Now there’s a full-blown navigation package available (courtesy of ALK’s CoPilot) called Gizmondo Navigator 2006, which comes on SD card and provides such treats as full by postcode route planning, turn-by-turn voice instructions and 3D maps.

Best of all, UK maps cost just £199 in a value pack with a Gizmondo. Now that’s not bad, especially when you factor in Gizmondo’s not inconsiderable gaming and multimedia prowess. If you’ve got a Giz already, it’ll cost you £99 for UK, and £199 for the whole of Europe. Details galore can be found here.