Gift guide – Under £50

With less than two weeks to go we imagine some of you are panicking. Fear not...

SmarTouch Gloves

From £15,

Frozen fingers or an unusable touchscreen? That's the conundrum posed by gloves and Arctic temperatures. Attempting to use a touchscreen with hand furniture is akin to trying to scratch your nose while wearing a balaclava. And there's only so many times you can resort to using your nose to answer a call and garner bewildered looks from fellow commuters. The solution? Conductive SmarTouch Gloves.



For those who like the idea of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, but don't want an actual gamepad built into their sleek smartphone, there's this button-laden controller. It's not the prettiest peripheral, but will connect to any Android device via Bluetooth for full control and has loads of potential as a handheld console killer. It also works on iOS devices, controlling any games that are compatible with the iCade gaming dock.

Camera Lens Cup


Photographers need plenty of caffeine flavoured fuel to keep them going and this quirky mug disguised as a camera lens is about £1,000 cheaper than pouring boiling water into a real lens. The perfect gift for the photo fanatic in your life.

iPod Shuffle

From £40,

It's hard to get excited about an MP3 player, but when the Shuffle got its buttons back there was cause for celebration. It's all about the buttons – and those physical controls made a triumphant return with large, clickable volume and track skip buttons, complete with a dedicated VoiceOver button to compensate for the lack of a screen. It's stylish, simple and perfectly suited to the gym.

Proporta Turbocharger 7000


Running out of juice when you're on the move is an undeniable pain in the backside we could all do without. A portable charger is a godsend when your gadget is close to empty – especially one that will charge your device at least at least four times over. With a variety of connectors, you'll be hard pushed to find a non-compatible device – unless your gadget happens to have one of those annoying proprietary ports.

Mobiroo Gift Card

From £10,

The world's first ever app gift card is the perfect present for that person in your life whose phone is constantly perma-attached to their hand. Or perhaps you know someone is getting a shiny new blower this Christmas? Mobiroo is feeling particularly festive by offering up £35 worth of apps for £25. Go.

The Bungee


How many times has your phone fallen out of your pocket, only to crash land on the floor – or worse, down the crapper? It may look like a thong for your phone, but this expandable contraption will ensure you're not a victim of any of the above again. Just clip or hook it on to your clothing or man bag and never worry about your butter fingers again.

32GB SanDisk Micro SD card


Getting a Micro SD card for Christmas is on par with getting a Christmas jumper from your Gran – but it's undeniably useful. And let's face it, it's something we rarely buy for ourselves, but will make for a practical multimedia shaped gift for someone else. And when you can save close to £50, it's definitely worth the purchase.

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