Gift Guide – stocking fillers

Some gadgets and accessories have 'stocking filler' written all over them – small, cheap and perfectly formed

Angry Birds Knock On Wood


Sling three real life (well, toy) Angry Birds against building blocks and pigs with this board game version of everyone's (once) favourite app. Works best if you have kids that you can pretend to buy it for.

Holga Retro Lens iPhone Case


Yes we have heard of all those excellent – sometimes free – photo apps on the App Store. But just look at this rotating retro lens case from Holga – it's better looking than other ugly lens offerings for the iPhone and has a bunch of fun filters to spice up your smartphone snaps.

Star Wars Moleskine notebook


We're not sure what happens to the balance of the universe when two ambassadors of cool meet – but a surefire way to find out is to pick up these limited edition Star Wars Moleskine notebooks. Used by Hemingway, Picasso and Vader.

Gear4 Pocket Loops keyboard


Get your DJ kicks on the cheap with this Pocket Loops keyboard and free iOS app. Tinkle away at some melodies on the keys then record them using the four track sequencer – you'll have a mix quicker than the time it takes to read a pro music-making gadget manual.

Space Invaders reflectors


Road safety is important – then again, so are retro video games. Combine the two with these Space Invaders reflectors – but don't blame us if they cause more accidents as fellow cyclists stare at you in envy.

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