Gift Guide – shed gadgets

A man's shed is his castle – here's how to kit it out like a king


Nobody likes fumbling about with their tools in the dark. Well, not in the shed anyway. Help someone stay environmentally friendly while he's out in his fortress of solitude – right into the wee hours. Simple to install, free to use... and it's cheap. The perfect gift?

Solar Shed Light


Fool thieves with this apparently unassuming unibond can that doubles as a safety storage pot. Probably worth giving just to see the expression on your dad's face when he thinks you've given him a can of Unibond for Christmas.

Sterling SafeCan


Sure, a resourceful thief can huff and puff and get into your shed, but to stop opportunists this motion sensitive alarm is perfect. A great gift because its wireless nature makes it easy to set up, leaving its owner more time to oil that prized chainsaw.

Kasp 610 Wireless Shed Alarm


The gift of warmth in the cold months surrounding Christmas. An escape to the shed won’t mean dressing for an arctic expedition with this 2000W bi-directional heater.

Fan Heater


No need to wade through a mess of hammers and drill bits first. This man-size tool cabinet looks a bit like the one used in Home Alone 2, which is as Christmassy as this cabinet is Santa red.

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