Gift Guide – kitchen gadgets

Stir it up with our list of the finest culinary gadgetry available to mankind

Baseball Bat Pepper Grinder


This novelty pepper mill doubles up as a meat tenderiser and home security system, but its real appeal is the ability to shake things up when you get home from the daily grind.

Bodum Bistro Hand Mixer


Before you can park Santa’s sleigh on top of the Christmas cake, you’ll need to supply the icing. Beat it in style with this quality mixer that comes in half a dozen hues.

Gamepad Chopping Board


Slicing and dicing can be a chore, but this NES controller-inspired chopping board will have you whistling the Mario theme while you work.

Nom Skulls


Cupcakes are – let’s face it – the least scary thing in the world. Inject some festive fear into your baked goods with these macabre moulds. Then ice them with strychnine. (Actually, don't.)

eKitch Digital Measuring Jug


As long as we’re all agreed the addition of a screen to anything automatically makes it brilliant, this is the best measuring jug in the world. Factor in the built-in scales and it’s even better than that.

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