Gift Guide – garden gadgets

Pop one of these garden gizmos under the tree for green-fingered gadgeteers

Husqvarna Automower 305

£1,000, Husqvarna

While some are wary of robots becoming sentient, we're all for embracing the automated future – and the Husqvana Automower 305 is a step in the right direction. Husqvarna appreciates that menial household chores are fraught with tediousness and understands that getting some fresh air behind a push-mower sure ain't what it used to be.

Sure, it won't fetch your dinner, or tuck you in at night, but it will have your grass in tip top shape, while you put your feet up and enjoy a beer or several. It even has an anti-theft system built inside, with an alarm and pin code – just in case Bob from next door is peering enviously over the fence at your robot lawnmower. The grass really is greener on the other side.

Black and Decker Alligator Lopper

£60, Black and

Ever wondered what it'd be like to be Edward Scissorhands? We are of course joking – can you imagine the self-inflicted mutilation that would go down inside the confines of a toilet cubicle?

Black and Decker's giant pair of scissors is a much safer option. Its wide set of jaws means it chops, chews, clamps, prunes – it even cuts through branches as thick as four inches with its 4.5Amp motor driven chainsaw, making you feel every bit the man with your menacing alligator-shaped power tool.Safety features include guards to ensure you remain completely accident-free.

Best of all, in the event of zombie apocalypse, you'll have your arsenal covered.

Click and Grow


Plants are great, but they require constant attention in the form of time and care – two things a lot of us are unwilling to give up twice a week. Forget being at one with nature, let this automated plant pot do all the graft. The plant seeds are surrounded by internal sensors, while a microprocessor uses specially-designed software to figure out just what the plant needs.

So this high-tech plantpot has the nurturing process covered, it's not needy like a normal plant and more importantly, you won't have to water and fertilise it. Just check the status light: green = ok, blue = needs water, red = replace batteries. Great if you go away a lot, or are just downright lazy. Alan Titchmarsh, eat your heart out.

The Solar Fountain Birdbath

£115, www.hammachercom

While many people provide food for our feathered friends, many forget that a whole lot of eating can induce a serious amount of thirst. It's probably a good call then to go for something that not only takes care of nature, but also sits pretty in your back garden. The Solar Fountain Birdbath is just the ticket.

The current run of unseasonably sunny days – not that we're complaining – means that solar powered gadgets will be able to eke out a bit more juice from the sun before we slip into winter. This solar powered bird oasis sets up anywhere and requires moderate sunlight to produce a perpetual spring of cascading water. It's like the 4 Seasons of birdbaths.

Landman Ball of Fire Outdoor Fireplace


Whether you're doing a spot of late night gardening, some recreational camping, or better still, hosting a garden party, a ball of fire is a pretty nifty contraption to have around. Its spherical casing not only looks awesome, it keeps sparks at bay while ensuring 360 degree warmth at all times. If you're feeling particularly outdoorsy, break out the marshmallows and toast your treats through the large door in that solid steel frame. It'll also come in handy when you want to chuck in some wood and get rid of the ashes the next day for the next party.

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