Gibson SG guitar ready to robot rock

For those about to rock, hang on. Legendary axe maker Gibson has just taken to the stage to announce not one but two new self-tuning robot guitars.Mak

Making its debut in the robot guitar world is the Gibson Robot SG Special Ltd, available in Prince's favourite colour: metallic purple. Like the Les Paul from last year it's got the same micro-motors in the tuning pegs and magical pixies in the strings to automatically tune the guitar with just one strum.

The limited edition SG also comes with a Neutrik Jak which secures the cord into the axe to prevent accidentally unplugging midway through your finger-burning solo.

After the original Robot Les Paul sold out quicker than you can say 'lick my love pump', Gibson has also decided to carve another super-special version of the iconic axe. The Les Paul Studio Ltd will also come in Prince-pleasing metallic purple and of course pack all the clever gubbins to take tuning duties out of your talented hands.

Wanna see how they work? Then just check out our hands-on video featuring none other than the frontman of Mic Wright and the Wrong 'Uns.


Gibson Robot SG Special Ltd, Robot LP Studio

Price: £1700, £1900

On sale: End of April

Contact: Gibson