Get set for a gadgety Christmas with the vidcast

The big day is just seven days away, but if you're still struggling to fill your present quota, it's time to kick back and watch this week's episode o

We've opened up the last few days of our gadget–filled advent calendar early, all in the name of bringing you some killer last minute ideas. As well as fun toys like the A Team R/C van and gnome bowling, we've got the likes of the Solio Hybrid charger, Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades and the awesome iGrado headphones.

So whether you're stumped by what to get the urbane gadgeteer in your life or just want some neat ideas for your very own stocking, you'd be mad not to check out this week's episode.

And once you've sated your viewing enjoyment, remember to boost over to our awesome full Christmas guide, where you'll find hundreds more great gift ideas.