Get in shape for the New Year with these diet apps and gadgets

Purge the Christmas pounds with this collection of apps and gadgets designed to make the most of your New Year's resolutions

Having gorged yourself on leftover turkey, booze and Christmas pudding, it's time to shift that festive bulk. This collection of apps and gadgets will restore your body beautiful in no time – and you'll have fun doing it*.

*We cannot guarantee fun.


£155, Handtec

Blessed with the ability to play music and help you get fit, this GPS watch tracks your calorie usage, pace, time and distance travelled – all while playing you some pace-setting beats in HD thanks to 8GB of storage space.


US$150, larklife

Keep track of your fluctuating weight with the Larklife app and wrist band – it's similar to Nike's Fuelband lifelogger, but can also learn your movements so it judges if you're asleep, on the bus or going for a jog. No cheating by driving, then. One-tap recording of meals makes it easy to track health-pertinent info, before the iOS app suggests ways to improve your life. And by improve, we mean become healthier.

Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

Free, iTunes / Google Play

If the name hasn't given the game away, Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal for Android and iOS allows you to keep tabs on your calorie intake, so you know to feel guilty when you eat that last doughnut. Not only that, the app cleverly tracks your fitness activities, lets you search how calorific a meal is and can even sync with other fitness apps like Endomondo.

Endomondo Sports Tracker

Free, iTunes / Google Play

This tracking app is great for getting you out and about. Whether you favour running, walking or cycling – anything but sitting on the couch, really – Endomondo will mark your progress and – if you want – share it with the world. If you need even more motivation to shed the pounds, you can actually win sports-related prizes, too.

Withings Wireless Scale WS-30

£100, Amazon UK

Dieting works a treat if you eat better and exercise like a champ – but being unaware of how well you are doing can hold you back. This set of scales can upload your weight and BMI over wireless and Bluetooth connections to supported apps, including its own Health Companion iOS app – allowing you to keep tabs on your progress without any hassle.

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