Get a free copy of Mass Effect 3 today

EA has released a copy of ME3 on a balloon – and you can track it online to grab it on its landing

That’s right, Mass Effect 3 fans – you can get your hands on a copy before anyone else. EA has released the gaming gold dust into the skies on a balloon – and you know what they say about what goes up.

Track the Mass Effect 3 flight online here and, having been released at 11:30AM today from London, it should be landing shortly in the SE England area.

Whoever scoops it up not only gets a Space Edition of the game but will also be rewarded with a nice nerdy shirt, a hat, an art book, a hoodie, water bottle, and bag. The Street cred for finding the thing will be yours to treasure forever too. Perfect to go with your Razer Mass Effect 3 gaming gear.

Want a further incentive to head out into the cold? Watch the Mass Effect 3 trailer below, that should do the trick. Good luck.

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