Get Cut the Rope free in your web browser

Any HTML5 browser will do, but Microsoft wants you to use IE9


The insanely addictive rope-slicing sweet-gobbling puzzler from Zeptolabs is now available for free in any HTML5 web browser.

In a partnership with Microsoft who are keen to promote the HTML5 capabilities of Internet Explorer 9, ZeptoLab has released the former iOS and Android app game online.

Though Internet Explorer 9 is recommended, it will of course work fine in other browsers like Google Chrome, for example.

For the uninitiated, Cut the Rope has you doing your best to guide sweets into the mouth of the insatiable (and unidentifiable) creature Om Nom. You do this by – you guessed it – cutting the ropes that restrain them.

You can have a go over at the Cut the Rope site now. But be warned, it probably won't be a short visit...

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