Get BBC iPlayer on your TV for free with FetchTV's Smartbox

The BBC iPlayer has colonised everywhere from our consoles to (Nintendo Wii and PS3) to our mobiles (the iPhone and Sony Ericsson W995). Now you can g

Hook the FetchTV Smartbox up to your broadband and it'll serve up a banquet of delights from the BBC, Channel 4 and the Cartoon Network. The makers claim you can get access to 1,500 hours of video-on-demand content.

This is the first time a set top box has offered the BBC iPlayer for free. Previous offerings made you pay a subscription. The FetchTV Smartbox will simply set you back £219 for the set top box.

You needn't miss an episode of Psychoville or Richard Hammond mugging like a bad local radio DJ on Total Wipeout ever again.

(Via Electric Pig)