Geneva Model XS adds Mad Men stylings to the Bluetooth travel speaker

Just the thing for the jet set – a Bluetooth travel speaker based on retro alarm clock designs

Fancy yourself as part of the jet set? Add a dash of Don Draper to your tech with the Geneva Model XS Bluetooth travel hi-fi, currently being shown off at CES 2012.

Based on the design of classic travel clocks, it packs two 1in tweeters and a 2 1/4in woofer into a waterproof case, and can stream music over Bluetooth or connect using an line in port. 

You also get a digital alarm clock with touch-sensitive controls, FM tuner and a rechargeable battery that's good for 5 hours of charge.

The compact clamshell can stream music over Bluetooth or connect using an aux in port, and packs a digital amp, FM tuner and digital alarm clock into its pint-sized frame – it measures just 15.7 cm × 10.2 cm × 11.5 cm.

It doesn't come cheap though – the Geneva Model XS hits the UK this month, priced £180.

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