GeChic On-Lap Monitor gives you dual laptop screens for £140

It's not quite Minority Report, but this dual-display laptop add-on rocks. Quite literally

If you glare at your boss in envy every morning as you see documents and images flitting between four or five unnecessary screens, your days of gloomily shifting windows into corners may be numebered. GeChic has just announced the On-Lap Monitor, a 13.3in 1366x768 second screen weighing in at 865g and costing just £140.

That means you'll be the toast of Starbucks as you bring your multi-screen arrangement out of your manbag, shaming the iPad crowd into hiding behind their cappaccinos. It won't be for long if you're running on battery (the GeChic slurps power from your laptop via USB), but it is a universal solution to screen envy, being promiscuous with the DVI/VGA ports on both Macs and Windows PCs.

As well as giving you extra screen real estate, the GeChic will flip around the back for sharing presentations (or cat videos) with colleagues, while it'll also change orientation to give you a portrait display alongside your stubbornly landscape laptop screen. If you can't wait for the first step to realising your multi-screened dreams, you can snap up an On-Lap Monitor in the UK for £140 from November 21. You heard it here first.

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