Gears of War 3 details and pictures get their cover blown

As does Ice-T, who appears in the GOW trilogy finale

Can’t wait until Gears of War 3 lands with thud on the 20th September? More slobber fodder has emerged at Gamescom where – from Wednesday – Microsoft is showing off the concluding part of the third-person shooter trilogy.

If a trip to the Rhineland isn’t an option, Microsoft has dug out some brand spanking new screens of its forthcoming blockbuster to whip our anticipation into a fever pitch.

As well as marking the end of the trilogy – but not the series – Gears of War 3 will be adding four-player co-op and a new multiplayer mode called Beast where you swap sides and play as Locust monsters laying waste to human soldiers.

And for the icing on the cake the original gangsta Ice-T will be the voice for one of the main characters and there will also be female characters for the first time proving that gaming is truly entering the 1990s. Roll on September.


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