Garmin outs rough and rugged Montana GPS

For the satnav savvy, and for the plain lost, Garmin adds its multi-purpose Montana to the shortlist

Are you a butter-fingered trekker? The Garmin Montana could be the answer to your prayers: this handheld GPS gizmo is virtually indestructible, capable of shrugging off tumbles and extreme weather as it leads you to your destination – whether you’re on foot, on a bike, in your motor or even aboard a boat.

The 4-inch touchscreen delivers a bounteous supply of location info: not only your latitude and longitude plotted on HD maps, but your bearing (there’s a compass) and altitude. There’s even a model available with a built-in 5MP camera – which automatically geotags your photos, natch. Power comes courtesy of a trio of AA batteries (which deliver 22 hours of use) or a 16-hour rechargeable pack.

Three versions of the Garmin Montana are available: the 600, equipped with a worldwide basemap (£430), the 650 which adds the camera (£500), and the 650t which also sports European topographical mapping (£550).