Garmin Nuvifone delayed until 2009

Garmin has confirmed it’s delaying the release of its much–vaunted Nuvifone until the first half of 2009. Originally slated to hit shelves

It has, however, said it’s working towards a quick fix, although they wouldn’t get specific with dates when pushed.

Just to refresh your memory, the Nuvifone is set to rock some serious features, with a 3.5in screen, GPS, HSDPA and a snapper that is guaranteed to beat off the iPhone 3G’s effort, even if the final megapixel count isn’t in yet.

It’s also due to show up in a white, as well as black, edition. We’re chasing up an exact date, but for the meantime, it looks as if you’ll have to keep staring longingly at this pic instead.


Garmin Nuvifone

Price: £TBA

On sale: First half 2009

Contact: Garmin