Garmin and Asus team up for nuvifone G60

We knew Garmin and Asus had both signed themselves up wholeheartedly to Google's Open Handset Alliance, but we certainly weren't expecting this. The t

First up though is, the nuvifone G60. And yes, you are looking at that right. It's the same nuvifone promised way back in 2007, rebranded and all set for release by summer this year.

Specs remain very much the same – a full 3.5in touchscreen, HSDPA and a camera that both Asus and Garmin say will slap the iPhone down no trouble. Of course, it's main theme will be GPS, giving Nokia's satnav–loving N–series something to really chew over.

What's more exciting though is that both Garmin and Asus are working to, " develop a diverse line of easy-to-use, location-centric handset devices ." Seeing as both are part of Google's plans, we're hoping to see something rocking Android at Mobile World Congress in just two weeks time.

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