Gamescom 2012 – Day 3 round-up

As we bid farewell to Gamescom, we get our hands on SimCity, Lucasarts shows off Star Wars 1313 and we find a game more violent than Grand Theft Auto

The third day of Gamescom has come to an end, and while there were many weary eyes to be seen on the expo floor, persevered to make sure we didn't miss a single thing.

The expo brought good news and bad – while Sony's Tuesday press conference saw the electronics giant putting its weight behind the PS Vita, we were saddened when it announced this morning  that it will be removing PSone classics from PlayStation Mobile. A real shame but clearly a move to push sales of the Vita, which will be getting PSone Classics on August 28. Quick - get on the PlayStation store before they're gone for good!

We also got a hands-on preview of the new Tomb Raider. Square Enix is rebooting the franchise with a more realistic, grittier feel, and we were very impressed by the gameplay and the cinematic feel. Check out our thoughts here.

Then we achieved the impossible - we got our hands on some actual SimCity gameplay. And we enjoyed it so much that we played it again. Y'know, just to make sure we didn't miss anything. We can report that Stuff City was thriving... before it was destroyed by an unfortunate meteor shower. Keep an eye on the site for a full report.

We also got to take a look at Lucasarts' return to the galaxy far, far away – Star Wars 1313. Star Wars titles have always been a bit hit and miss, but the footage we saw was jaw-dropping, with gameplay style that seems reminiscent of Dead Space.

While there's been much speculation that Star Wars 1313 won't appear on the current generation of consoles, we did clock the game being being played with what looked like a PS3 DualShock controller during the presentation. So either the PS4 controller's going to look just like its predecessor, or there's still hope for current-gen console owners.

Elsewhere, United Front Games showed off its open-world cops and robbers saga, Sleeping Dogs. It's very reminiscent of Grand Theft Auto, though its Hong Kong setting gives it a distinctive flavour all its own – and it's more violent. Yes, that's right – more violent that GTA. The realistic combat system – inspired by martial arts films – is particularly impressive, with every punch and kick landing with a satisfying thud.

And with that, bids farewell to Gamescom for another year. It's certainly been an action-packed one. While there weren't any announcements from the likes of Half-Life 3 and GTA V, there was no shortage of big titles on show – and plenty to get stuck into. Now excuse us while we go repair the damage to Stuff City.

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