Gameloft brings Unreal Engine to Android

The teaser poster for Android’s first Unreal game gives us a taste for blood

Mobile gaming is like David fighting the Goliath gaming industry at large – and we all know how that fight ended. But mobiles are getting more than just a rock in their arsenal as Gameloft teases its first outing of the popular Unreal Engine for Android.

The as-yet untitled game looks like a dark, gory romp involving hacking and slashing. More importantly it shows that gaming companies are willing to make big plans for Android's gaming future. That's good news for the increasing ranks of game-hungry smartphone and tablet users, a leg-up for the Ouya console and another reason to watch Google TV closely.

While Mircrosoft and Sony drag their heels with next-gen consoles the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 – likely waiting to see how the cloud gaming industry evolves – their pedestal may just be swiped from under them.

Gameloft’s Facebook page, where this picture emerged, claims a clue to the game title is hidden in the picture. With more clues to come, including a YouTube teaser, we’re hoping the game is as good as the marketing campaign.

[Gameloft via Engadget]

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