GameDock brings old skool gaming back, properly

iOS gaming could soon become a dual controller, TV linked pleasure if this project gets enough funding

If you enjoyed the minimalist pixels of pre-nineties gaming then you’ll appreciate the GameDock. You’ll also know that playing classic games like those oldies – which punish the smallest slip up – isn’t comfortable, or often possible, on a slippy iOS screen.

That’s why GameDock has reached Kickstarter status on its road to one-up the iCade. The iPhone accessory serves up two USB sockets that connect to a pair of classic Nintendo style controllers. The other side of the simple dock – which also charges your iPhone, iPod or iPod  – plugs into your TV for full screen button bashing fun.

Check out the project video below and if you like what you see then head on over to Kickstarter to chip in and make it a reality you can own.

[Via Engadget] 

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