Game over? EA and Nintendo pull big releases from Game

EA and Nintendo pull big titles from Game – including Mass Effect 3, the meanies

It's been a rubbish year for high-street retailer Game, which has been strugging to compete with online rivals like Amazon.

But now things have got worse. EA and Nintendo have pulled some of their big releases from Game's shelves, including Mass Effect 3 and Mario Party 9.

We doubt there'll be many tears shed over the loss of Mario Party 9 – but not stocking Mass Effect 3? That's a serious problem. If you pre-ordered Mass Effect 3 from Game, fear not – you won't be out of pocket. It's offering a refund plus a £5 voucher.

Game has confirmed that the situation is only temporary, but there is no date set for EA and Nintendo to come back on board. We can only hope it's soon because we really don't want to see Game go under.

So if you find yourself in the vicinity of a Game store, pop in and see if there's anything you want. You won't even have to wait for it to arrive in the post!

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