Galaxy Nexus gets £515 price tag

Better start saving those pennies – the Galaxy Nexus has a price tag

If you want to know the price of a major smartphone before it's announced by its maker, Clove is fast becoming the go-to place for monetary mobile info. So far, it's brought us the price tags for the white Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung's Galaxy Note and the newly announced Motorola RAZR. Google's Galaxy Nexus is next in line for the SIM-free price tag treatment of £515 in the UK for the 16GB model. That puts it firmly in iPhone 4S territory.

If you missed all the hubbub on the Galaxy Nexus yesterday, we can tell you everything you need to know. We'd also recommend checking out how it squares up to the iPhone 4S, HTC Titan and Motorola RAZR.

We're expecting an early November arrival, but will be getting some hands-on time with Google's new powerhouse next week, so keep those eyes peeled.

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