Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich put on hold till December 2

Looks like you're going to have to put your Galaxy Nexus plans on hold

Google really is just a big tease. First it makes us wait with bated breath by pushing back the launch of its Galaxy Nexus. Now, word on the web tells us the highly anticipated smartphone powerhouse – along with the much-hyped Ice Cream Sandwich – has been delayed from its original November 17 release date to December 2. That's according to Amazon UK, which lists the phone alongside a brand new delivery date, putting it two weeks behind what was originally touted as its official outing.

However, the online retailers are contradicting each other. Amazon has it down as the 2nd, while Expansys lists the release day as December 1. But Clove still advertises the original November 17 release date. Talk about confusing.

With not so much as a peep from the big G as to why the Galaxy Nexus' due date has been pushed back, we have no choice but to speculate. And we have a feeling the delay could be down to the arrival of the Gingerbread-toting Motorola RAZR – giving it a chance to make it on its own before Google's powerhouse flaunts its Ice Cream Sandwich-flavoured goodness in our faces.

While we wait, why not sate your appetites with our Galaxy Nexus hands-on review, or refresh your memories with everything you need to know about Ice Cream Sandwich.

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