Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich back on for October 19th?

The Galaxy Nexus may have been put on hold, but it's back on track

According to Samsung and Google, something BIG is coming. Had they stuck to their original plan, the tech giants would've been unveiling the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich Android OS today. Instead, a joint decision was made to put the smartphone-shaped news – due to be announced at CTIA – on hold.

While the reasons for the shock cancellation of the Galaxy Nexus launch were originally unknown, Samsung revealed that the decision to postpone the event was out of respect for Steve Jobs, who passed away last week. Nothing to do with Samsung and Google quaking in their boots over the amount of Apple coverage flying around the interwebs, which is what was originally thought.

But don't feel too crestfallen. Word on the virtual streets – and according to Engadget – is that plans to announce the Galaxy Nexus and the latest Ice Cream Sandwich Android OS have been rescheduled for 19 October in Hong Kong. Nothing is concrete as yet, so we're expecting an email to land in our inboxes any time now.


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