Gaikai gets ready to bring full game streaming to the masses

Full game streaming at the click of a button? Yes please.

After teasing gaming geeks with World of Warcraft on Facebook in a bid to bring fully-fledged PC game demos to the social network's vast masses, Gaikai has announced that it's ramping up its current demo-only cloud gaming service.

Yep, plans to roll out full game streaming across Gaikai's network of gaming and entertainment websites – like YouTube and Best Buy – have already begun and we're more than excited.

Gaikai founder and game developer, David Perry, has revealed that full game implementation will go live about 90 days after the Facebook service launches, adding “I’m not aware of any technical hurdles we have that would stop it.”

Taking a dig at cloud gaming rival OnLive, Perry revealed “There’s a very big difference between the way we’re doing it and the way OnLive is doing it. They have to modify the game, they have to get the source code to the game. Gaikai doesn’t require modification of the game.” So when Gaikai shows off World of Warcraft, for example, there's been no tweaking in order to get it to work – it's the real thing.

Full game streaming at the click of a button sure is a tantalising prospect. And while it may prove unsociable and addictive, we're keeping our fingers crossed that it'll put an end to the relentless Farmville and Cow Clicker requests.

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