Gadget of the Day – V-Moda VIBE Duo

The iPhone’s pesky recessed jack has been winding us up since we first ripped open the box of Apple’s Jesus phone.So we’re more than

So we’re more than a little bit enamoured with V-Moda’s all new VIBE Duo headset, designed specifically for those of you rocking the multitouch media maven.

As well as slinking into said jack, the VIBE Duo also packs a neat call button that’ll let you flit between calls and tunes. Just like Apple’s tinny bundled buds, but with decent sound.

You can grab them now for five pennies shy of £70. And they come in gun metal too, making you stand out from the regular black or white headphone crowd.

And if you want to slap them in your common–or–garden smartie, or just your regular ‘Pod, that works too. Off you toddle then.


V-Moda VIBE Duo

Price: £69.95

On sale: Now

Contact: V-Moda