Gadget of the Day – Ultimo PC Armonia media centre

You probably haven’t heard of Ultimo PC, but their Armonia MI–O2 Media Centre really is a bit of a beast. As well as sitting under your te

Toting a 7in touchscreen, the top end version will spit out 1080i movies thanks to a built–in Blu–Ray drive. It’ll connect to your LCD thanks to HDMI too.

Best of all, the MI–O2 comes with a stonking 2Tb of storage, 4GB of RAM an Intel Core 2 Quad chip and ATI graphics.

The price for all this computer goodness? A huge £1,649. Still, we’ve seen pricier. And if you can’t afford it, you can always snag one of the pared down models.


Ultimo PC Armonia MI–O2

Price: £1,649

On sale: Now

Contact: Ultimo PC