Gadget of the Day: Sony MDR-NC500D

Tired of not being able to hear your tunes properly when you're out and about? Bring on Sony's new MDR-NC500D digital noise-cancelling headphones. Son

The MDR-NC500Ds are clever little blighters, using artificial intelligence to improve noise cancellation performance by selecting between three modes – aircraft, bus or train, and office. Or you can select between them manually, you control freak.

They come with a monitor button for when you feel like eavesdropping on the person sitting next to you and will run for 15 hours on their lithium ion battery or will take AA cells if you run out of juice.

Along with the MDR-NC500Ds, Sony are releasing the MDR-NC40s which do all the noise-cancelling business, but fold up into a more commuter-friendly package.

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Sony MDR-NC500D, MDR-NC40

Price: £TBA

On sale: 10th April

Contact: Sony