Gadget of the Day – Sleek Audio SA6 earphones

Looking for a new pair of buds to sling in your lugholes? Or just a set to sit flush in that new iPhone 3G jack? Then the Sleek Audio SA6 earphones ar

As well as a set of interchangeable buds for comfort, you can even detach the main cord and swap it to match your clothes or MP3 player. Now that’s taking techie fashion to the extreme if you ask us.

Obviously, it’s practical too, meaning you don’t need to sling them out if your plugs or wires end up getting crushed or torn when they’re at the bottom of your man bag.

There’s even an in ear monitor, so you can tweak the sound to get the best out of your tunes. Sounds like our kind of thing. Sleek Audio says it’s also planning a wireless version for later in the year.

All this trendiness will cost you. £139.95 to be precise. But then what price perfect tunes, eh?


Sleek Audio SA6 earphones

Price: £139.95

On sale: Now

Contact: Sleek Audio