Gadget of the Day: Skorpion Quadline Skates

We’ve all been there: happily skating along, on your skateboard, roller blades or skates, and you come to a small cliff in the pavement. Next th

One New Zealander decided enough was enough and came up with these: the Skorpion Quadline Skates. They’re a little like the four-wheeled skates we wobbled around on in the 70s and 80s, only these have suspension and they steer a lot easier.

Touted at JJB Sports right now, the Skorpion Quadline Skates are rugged little things, we’re told, made from glass-reinforced Zytel – the same substance we think Robocop is made from. So they’ll have a high impact resistance, great for when you hit walls.

They should be ideal for the random surfaces of a city like London, and should help you keep your thighs, legs and bum toned while giving you a good aerobic workout.

All that and they actually look pretty cool – we might start wearing them around the house.


Skorpion Quadline Skates

Price: £80

On sale: Out Now

Contact: JJB Sports