Gadget of the Day: Sennheiser CX400s

Like adding chocolate sauce to your favourite delicious cake, Sennheiser has taken our favourite budget in-ear headphones and added a whole load of ne

The new ear pluggers look pretty much identical to the 5-star CX300s that protrude from the ears of a number of Stuff staff and countless commuters around this fair isle.

Aping the style of some high-end Shures, the new CX400s now come with a modular cable meaning they’re perfect for teaming up with a wired handsfree kit.

A brand spanking boxfresh pair hit Stuff Towers yesterday and Tom Dunmore’s been getting ears-on with them ever since. Read his first impressions on the Future Stuff blog.


Sennheiser CX400

Price: £40

On sale: Now

Contact: Sennheiser