Gadget of the Day: The Rocker Kart

Remember when you were a kid and you had that three wheeled bike that you had to give up when you were four because your mum said you were getting too

Check this out: the Rocker Kart. It’s a three-wheeled pedal bike with its gears and pedals at the front, seat at the back and handles by the sides. We presume the breaks are near the handles somewhere.

The 130x70x72cm 20kg bike has a unique type of seat, we’re told, attached to a lacquered frame to protect it against the nasty horrible rain. Its tyres sport inner tubes, like what a proper bike has, and the whole thing is steered by leaning – hence its name, Rocker. You didn’t think it was for Rock fans only, did you?

Don’t worry, you Indie types are allowed to use it too. But not the R'n'B fans, sorry.

Hey, we don’t make the rules.