Gadget of the Day: Reef Rider Sea Scooter

Since taming the Thames-faring Seabob in East London last year we've started to grow fins. If we can't get a lunchtime dip in every day, we spend the

Like a Seabob for learners (and at a tiny fraction of the price) the Sea Scooter is an altogether more relaxed affair. With enough thrust to propel you at speeds of up to a hair-scorching 2.2mph it's unlikely to have you arrested by the river cops. In fact, you'll be lucky if you can even overtake the fish. But for £100 and the opportunity to feel like James Bond, we're not about to complain.

It'll take you down to a depth of 3m (which is actually deeper than you think) and a full spurt of juice from the battery will give you 50 minutes of sub-aqua adventuring.

Perhaps you could team it with a waterproof headcam and send us the results. Hell, why not do us a review for Show Us Your Stuff?


Reef Rider Sea Scooter

Price: £100

On sale: Now

Contact: IWOOT