Gadget of the Day: Planet Waves DIY Cable Kit

Custom cables used to be the preserve of hard-core Hi-Fi fanatics armed with wire strippers and soldering irons. Not so anymore with Planet Waves' DIY

With everything going wireless, we're becoming less and less tolerant of wayward cables cluttering up our living rooms.

The Planet Waves kit makes it possible to easily cut high quality cables down to the exact length you need and slap on the required connectors in no time. Finally you can rid your home of those winding cable snakes living under your sofa and behind your home cinema setup.

The kit comes with an ingenious cable cutter/tester which makes short work of slicing a cable, then tests the cable connection once you've screwed on the cable end connector. There are connectors for all manner of audio components, including RCA, 1/4 inch and XLR.


DIY Cable Kit

Price: $359.99

On sale: Now

Contact: Crutchfield